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Environment Friendly Clothing

We provide you some of the best clothing material that will not just suit your style but also help you give some love back to the environment as our clothing material is made from all things natural. We keep both our customers and our nature happy!

ECO Friendly Fibres


Linen is a very strong and flexible plant fiber which is available in a wide variety of colors to help you give your wardrobe a makeover.


Get a fashion high with the help of our clothing made from hemp to give your clothes strength and durability.


Bamboo fabric can produce some of the softest clothing which can give you a stylish and sustainable fabric.


Choose from our wide variety of comfortable fabric material and dress choices which is also 100% biodegradable


To help keep you feeling warm and luxurious this winter choose from our wide variety of clothing made from Alpaca wool

Organic Wool

For the best that nature has to offer, check out our styles from organic wool and section and feel the purity and warmth of that it can offer.


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I can tell you they provide some of the best styles for natural and organic clothing in their section. I would personally advise you look out from the Lyocell section for the best fashion upgrade.

Addison Wood

I did not know that sometimes clothing can do more than good and Shop design help me get in style while keeping the comfort of mother nature mind.

Richard Sullivan

I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic and Shop design has now become my go-to store to help me find the best design and fashion trends all in one place.

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How Family Lawayers in Campbelltown Establish Their Client Plan


Residents in the South-West of Sydney are in safe hands when they are represented by family lawyers in Campbelltown.

These firms take years to establish their credibility within the community, ensuring that citizens have their rights upheld while looking out for the interests of the family as a collective.

Rather than endure a tough separation without any support network, these specialists will follow through from a blueprint that delivers the best outcomes possible.


Free Opening Consultation

Before a successful outcome can be reached between family lawyers in Campbelltown and their clientele, they need to open up the lines of communication first. An obligation-free consultation helps to get the ball rolling for participants, giving them a confidential space to air their grievances, detail their responsibilities and outline what they actually want out of a settlement. That type of dialogue alone can make the world of difference, providing residents with free legal advice and creating a workable connection that can lay the groundwork for future representation.


Sound Financial Plan

Women and men who reach out for representation with family lawyers in Campbelltown understand that they could be facing serious financial troubles. Particularly when making the switch between a family income and a single parent income, the challenges are significant and require direct intervention. When hiring the services of these specialist, the firm will outline a number of options that will be suitable for the individual given their circumstance. From a policy that dictates an hourly rate or flat fee to a fee contingent with the outcome of the separation or the aid of pro bono work, the financial agreement will underpin the nature of the plan moving forward.


Mediation Sessions

Family lawyers in Campbelltown excel when they are present for mediation sessions. These practices are overseen by an impartial third party operator, bringing both sides to the table in good faith to negotiate and communicate with one and other. They will advise their client about what they are entitled to and what their responsibilities are. To show good faith, they have the autonomy to offer concessions or to stand firm depending on the nature of the discussion. There is a degree of informality about the proceedings to avoid any courtroom appointments, and this is a detail that the solicitor will affirm and reaffirm for the interests of the individual.


Dispute Resolution

Lawyer and client meeting

The act of dispute resolution is a process that is designed to resolve a dispute between two parties. It is a more structured and formal means of talks that does not enjoy the same level of flexibility as mediation. Family lawyers in Campbelltown are effective experts within this practice, pushing beyond the conflict to reach an outcome that is satisfactory to their client. This is an activity that can be mentally and emotionally draining for the spouse, so the use of a lawyer will allow them to do much of the heavy lifting while dropping the temperature and tension inside the room.


Contingency Planning

There may very well be instances where clients are not able to achieve what they were looking for, whether that is during mediation sessions or dispute resolution sittings. Rather than being left in the dark or scrambling to find an answer, family lawyers in Campbelltown will work with a number of contingencies. This will allow the individual to bounce back and find avenues that would have otherwise been closed off beforehand


Family lawyers in Campbelltown will be required when local community members want a clean break while protecting their rights. Their doors are open for discussions without any strings attached, so starting the conversation is a net positive for all participants.


Why You Should Receive Advice On Installing Commercial Solar Panels, Especially When Opting For Large Ones

solar panels in the roof

There are lots of people out there who will consider themselves to be quite proud which can be a wonderful thing but sometimes it can also mean that they are not willing to ask for help. And want more and more people to realise that sometimes the wisest people are those who are willing to listen to others and who aren’t afraid to ask for advice. This is because there is so much information out there in the world and it is not physically possible for one person to know all of this information.

This is because even the proudest of people should be willing to go out there to obtain more information when they are looking to do something that they have never done before. And when they do this, they are reducing the likelihood of mistakes as well as the likelihood of wasting money. And this is why you should receive advice on installing commercial solar panels only when opting for larger ones.


You should receive advice on installing commercial solar panels, especially when opting for large ones  

There are a few sensible reasons why you should receive advice on installing commercial solar panels, especially when opting for larger ones and one of the reasons for this is because people are going to be spending a large sum of money. When people are only purchasing something small to say their motor home, space can often be lower, and people are often more than happy to experiment as they haven’t spent that much money upfront. But when people are looking to invest in something for their business that is going to be a large investment, then it only makes sense for them to go out there and receive some advice.

And the great news is that there are plenty of people out there who consider themselves to be specialists in this area. They will have dealt with all sorts of different customers before with all sorts of different needs and so they are able to offer accurate advice for those who are opting for some larger options and who are going to be spending a little bit more money upfront.


You should receive advice on installing commercial solar panels, especially when you are going to go for a payment plan

Another reason why you should receive advice on installing commercial solar panels especially when you were going for a payment plan, is because people will need to make sure that they’re doing everything correctly, following the right protocols when they’re going to be paying something for a long time to come. For example, it would be a disaster if people were to try and do everything themselves only to find that they actually end up damaging their purchase but they still have to pay for it for the physical future. Thankfully, this type of thing can easily be avoided when people are willing to go out there and receive advice.

Furthermore, there are professionals who can be hired to do this type of thing for people, so they don’t even have to worry that they’re going to make any mistakes. And for those who are absolutely determined to do this themselves, they may like to participate in some kind of online training that will help them overall with the process. Whatever it is that people do, they’re going to have an easier time when they reach out for support from those who know a little more than they do in certain areas.

Why Businesses Love to Include Blockout Curtains For Their Commercial Space


Although they might not admit it publically, businesses have very particular tastes about what works and what doesn’t for their unique setting.

From the cold, impersonal and professional to the warm and inviting environments that draw people in, every service has their own approach.

Amid all of the varieties and styles, there are some overlapping features that continue to emerge time and again.

A number of industries do end up installing blockout curtains for their commercial space as an example, leveraging the benefits of a thicker fabric that provides a multifaceted experience for the user.

Why do they work so well? Let us find out.


Eliminating Light Exposure

There are certain types of businesses who simply love to work without sunlight exposure or to limit its infiltration during the morning or afternoon. Whether it is designers and artists to doctors and therapists or digital photographers, the ability to blockout the light is a major consideration for their professional service. Blockout curtains tick this box for clients, placing a barrier that would not be available with standard curtain designs that utilise lighter fabric selections.


Expert Temperature Control

One of the great benefits of using a thicker fabric that is showcased with blockout curtains is the ability to dictate the temperature inside the room. From gyms that have to facilitate a comfortable workout setting to movie theatres and meditation sessions that have to be run under strict conditions, this is a major asset to have on site. Adjusting this temperature will offer a higher level of comfort for those participants inside the space, offering a clean authentic feel that leverages the outside conditions without being manufactured in any shape or form.


Reducing Air Conditioner Costs

A knock-on effect of having blockout curtains that dictate temperature control is seeing less strain placed on local air conditioning units. That is the artificial method of controlling the temperature gauge, but it is an asset that costs money to run and generate. From the heat of the summer to the chill of the winter, these applications are costly to have turned on and incurred fees for basic maintenance and repairs. Why should owners struggle with that burden when there is a better alternative for a commercial space?


Styles That Are On Brand

Just because blockout curtains provide properties that add another layer of value than regular curtains, that does not mean that the client cannot source materials that are suited to their brand. From traditional and elegant solutions that are ideal for antique stores to sleek modern collections that fit seamlessly into restaurants and studios, businesses have the power to pick out their own type of fabric. This offers flexibility for colour schemes and sizes that have to be customised to fit into the environment.


Affordable & Accessible

These products just work. Easy to source and easy to buy, they make sense for practical owners who want to cover all bases. What might be considered quite an extravagant purchase is simply not the case for businesses that decide to invest in blockout curtains. Given that a series of industries rely on them for their commercial space, suppliers have to cater to demand. By checking in and running a survey of nearby stores, outlets have the opportunity to find a bargain and have the sets of curtains installed safely and correctly.


Blockout curtains are big winners for local residents and homeowners. This is where their popularity has grown across major cities, suburban communities and regional centres. What cannot be underestimated though is the value they bring to companies who need to project a certain image and offer special qualities.


Things To Keep In Mind While Running a Small Business

Small Business

“No matter how big an idea is, its value is zero until it is executed.”, Words from a successful entrepreneur stand true when we witness so many new companies failing in their beginning. This is due to the company’s improper planning and inability to perform under pressure. Also, in some cases, the companies face rejection from their target audience due to no needs of such service from them. Here are some tips to keep your business healthy in your starting days.

Keep it simple

When you think of your idea, try to avoid complicating its parts. Find simpler but effective ways of solving the problems occurring in your idea, which will avoid further complication. Keep your focus on the demands of the people and start small and smart. Simplifying your idea can reduce the time and cost spent on one unit. Try to find out the best cost-effective measures without compromising on the quality of your company.

Stay focused on the market

When you get an idea about a product, you should make yourself realize that your success is not in the product, it is in the market. Most of the failed businesses have made the mistake of attaching their feeling to their ideas and not making decisions according to the market. Get your focus on the market, look for even the smallest market shares rather than looking for a market which doesn’t exist.

Have a backup source of investment

The expenses of your business will depend on the raw materials and manufacturing. At times the amount spent on running your business might increase. Prepare for the worst and overestimate your business’s cost. Always be prepared for fallbacks and have a backup stack to support yourself during emergencies.

Have a support team

Your company will be under a lot of pressure at the beginning of days; it is important that you can handle that pressure. But you cannot do it alone, that’s why you need a support team. It doesn’t have to be a team of professionals. It can be your friends or family members, but they should be able to predict the market to provide better solutions.

Be committed

Before you take any steps, take time to prepare yourself. Study the market, do your research, and decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the idea. You need to put in a huge amount of your investment and all of your will to manage an entire organization. Do not start until you have what it takes to compete in the market with the giants. Sacrifice on your habits, sleep, food, emotions, and relationships if necessary. Learn to take stress, because as the business grows, the stress level will only get higher until you reach a proper benchmark. Before that, it is a pure struggle, and you should have what it takes.






Challenges Faced By A Small Business

Small Business

Opening a small business is pretty easy and can be anyone’s cup of tea. But maintaining it becomes difficult if the management fails to plan things properly. The inefficient operation of an organization can lead to its downfall, and eventually, the whole company can crash. Here are the challenges faced by small businesses which put their survival at risk.

Finding the Target Audience

Finding customers who require what the company is manufacturing is the biggest challenge. If there is no market available for what you are selling, it becomes pointless for a business to exist. The marketing team of every organization is the most crucial part of it. They should work hard every day to find new customers. The task is to find the right audience instead of forcing people to convert to your audience.

Hiring talented people

Human resource is also a major problem which needs to be always kept as a priority. If the staff of a company is not qualified or experienced for the role that is supposed to be played, it becomes a liability for the company. Small businesses deal with the problem of making a good team. Hiring a new employee is an important task for the HR department, and if they fail to provide a valuable employee, the company faces huge losses. The best solution is to create short term contracts at first to identify potential employees and rehire them based on their performances.

Building brand awareness

brand awareness

Various strategies can generate more brand awareness among your target audience. But it is also a very difficult task to perform. It requires a lot of creativity and hard work to spread your brand name in the market. Many of the biggest companies have had tried and failed methods of generating brand awareness before becoming successful. Developing trust among your user base can take a long time and is one of the challenges to be dealt with. Social media, public relations, and co-partnering with companies trusted at homes can help in creating brand awareness for small companies.

Lead generation

As much of a difficult task, it is to develop trust among your target audience, as difficult is to generate leads which will be your partners in the market.  According to the survey, only 1 out of 10 marketers feel that their campaigns were effective in generating desired lead. A company needs a successful and constant lead generation program to keep running while the employes cannot put in the desired results. The solution is to have an SEO company to manage your website and turn it into a more efficient one.

Balancing Quality and Growth

You should never be emotionally attached to your product. It is a barrier between your companies growth. While the company focuses on just the product, they might forget to keep the market demand in mind and create something which is either too late or too early. The company should function at constant rates make a team which runs smoothly for a long time without compromising on the reputation of the company.



Some Small Scale Environmental Friendly Clothing Lines

The eco-friendly clothing lines are the best approach to sustainable fashion. It involves the production of fabrics made of recycled materials. These companies are saving the world from the excessive use of chemicals used on the farms which have resulted in the decline of the fertility of the land as well as the deaths of many customers.  Here is a list of eco-friendly clothing lines (in no particular order) which are saving the environment.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

An Atlanta based organic and eco-friendly clothing line which used low impact dyes and recycled materials and fibers for its designs. The brand provides comfort to your health as well as your style as the designs are all up to date with the trends.  Around 80 percent of the clothing line is made of ingredients which benefits sustainable development. The clothing range provides varieties to men and women at prices range from 15 to 150 dollars.

Threads 4 Thought

The company started in New York to promote sustainable fashion, mainly in metropolitan cities. The brand uses organic, recycled materials to make activewear, dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories for men and women. The price for the apparels ranges from 12 dollars to 65 dollars. The company started with making basic tees, and today, it inspires the youth for sustainability and responsibility for the environment.

H&M Conscious Line

H&M Conscious Line is an approach from the world famous clothing line H&M to start an environmental friendly revolution. They use natural materials like lyocell fiber, which is made of pulp of wood. H&M aims to reach as many people as possible and encourage the idea of eco-friendly products.

People Tree

People Tree is a London based organic cotton line which provides eco-friendly apparels for both men and women. The company uses GOTS-approved dyes. They are one step ahead of other sustainable clothing lines with their labels made of FSC- certified paper. The designers provide vibrant patterns and high-quality garments, which makes People Tree stand out in its competition.


Tentree uses sustainable fabrics, Eco-friendly manufacturing methods for its fashion line.  It makes apparels and accessories for men and women with a price range of 34-130 dollars. The motto Tentree is to plant ten trees for every apparel they sell. Their goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. This Canadian team is dedicated to maintaining high standards for their nature and people.

Organic Basics

The company wants to operate in the most efficient way to generate the best innerwear for men and women. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign for making special underwear which keeps you cool and prevents bacteria formation. The brand used organic cotton, solar, and wind energy to manufacture their products. Organic Basics is 100% eco-certified. The price range for the innerwear line ranges from 13 dollars for socks to 200 dollars for a bunch of innerwear.




The Best Small Business Ideas

When you feel exhausted out of your mind after coming back from the daily job, to get a better lifestyle, you might run into the thoughts of starting your own business so you can enjoy your life as an independent entrepreneur. But the market outside looks scary, and you don’t know where to start from. Everything that you can think of is already blooming in the market, and it is hard to think of something which fills the gaps of the and generates profits for you. We tried to help you with that as we found out the new small business ideas based on the current market needs that can crack a fortune for you.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Sales

Amazon is the largest online retailers in the world. It provides storage, packing, shipping, returns, and customer service for a monthly fee. This is a great business idea as all that you will have to do is join hands with Amazon to sell your product, and they will transfer the profit to your bank account every week. You can do business with Amazon in a variety of ways, such as selling bulk products from national or local wholesalers, purchasing items from other online sources and selling them for profit, creating your products and advertise them with the help of people who will rate your products on Amazon website, etc.

Skilled Trades


Today the skilled tradespeople have a huge demand in the market as in the past two decades the parents thought that skilled trades is not a good career option, which is why the people amounting skilled trades have reduced. It has been estimated that 40% of present tradespeople will be retiring in the next decade, which will generate a rapid demand for talented workers. Craftwork like welding, carpentry, plumbing, electrical fixing, metalworks, and machinist, masonry, and steelwork will generate huge work base vacancy. Skilled trades is suited for self-employment and offers inconsistent but high salaries based on your talent and skills.

Virtual Reality

VR is the next big thing in the world. Many industries have already started releasing the best possible services for virtual reality platforms. With new hardware and software released every day in the market, VR has become a phenomenon.  The gaming community is flourishing with their ideas to deliver real-life experience to their users. Other technologies include 3D movies, Real estate marketing through virtual tours, social media interaction, training simulations.

Healthy Fast Food

There was a time when fast food was a trend. Today it is no more, and the people are choosing to eat healthier food more. The green vegetables are easy to source of proteins and vitamins. They cost cheaper than dairy products and meat. Creating new dishes for healthy fast food can attract a huge audience. The success of your fast food joint can also be responsible for your own franchise.


Facility Support Services

With the growing need for services, people have started facing issues with their service providers. They need all kinds of services at their doorstep, and this is the right time if you can think of one which is not available in your locality. Electrical appliances repairing, plumbing, food delivery, furniture, and appliances renting are a few of the ideas you can use.









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